Mississippi Health Care Association Employee Benefit Plan

Are you a Mississippi Healthcare Association Employee Benefit Plan participant?

If so, working with Diabetes Care Group is covered by your health plan. There is every reason to start taking control of your diabetes today!

Mississippi Health Care Association’s Employee Benefit Plan (MCHAEBP)  is excited to share a new, FREE benefit available to employees and dependents who are diagnosed with diabetes. We’ve made a significant investment in your health by joining forces with Diabetes Care Group (DCG), which is led by a group of diabetes experts who provide specialized treatment plans, comprehensive education, and individualized nutrition counseling. DCG also collaborates with your primary care physician on reaching your full potential in getting your diabetes under control.

Employees and dependents can utilize DCG’s services with NO COPAY or OUT-OF-POCKET EXPENSES.

96% of our patients see meaningful change in their diabetes. In fact, 91% of our patients achieve greater control of their diabetes in only 6 months. More than 10,000 patients over a decade have found this success.

This benefit is a part of your health plan.  Please note that although your employer is fully covering the cost of this program, your care is completely private and will NOT be shared with your employer at any time.

DCG is eager speak with you about how we can help you control your diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, weight and related complications through an individualized care plan.  If you would like to make an appointment, inquire about our program or schedule an onsite testing/class on Diabetes, please call DCG at 1-800-639-2621/601-939-9923 or our Director of Clinical Outreach, Clint McDaniel at (601) 720-0651/cmcdaniel@diabetescaregrp.com.

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