Our Process

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Proven Sustained Improvements

Diabetes Care Group is dedicated to treating diabetes and metabolic diseases. Our program has proven successful for over a decade with even the most challenging cases of diabetes.

Our process is based on a clinical model created by our Chief Medical Officer and co-founder, Marshall Bouldin, M.D. Over a ten-year period, Dr. Bouldin developed The Delta Diabetes Project, a program with seven centers, caring for over 7,500 patients in the Mississippi Delta.

The program produced unprecedented high engagement, high compliance, and sustained outcome improvements in the most disadvantaged populations and an environment of severely constrained resources.

At Diabetes Care Group, we implement a unique and integrated clinical model including:

• Specialized treatment plans
• Comprehensive patient education
• Individualized nutrition counseling
• A multidisciplinary team of diabetes experts
• Collaborative care along with primary care physicians

Methods of Treatment

Diabetes is treated and managed through a variety of mechanisms. And even though its occurrence is widespread, every patient with diabetes requires unique medical care—specifically designed for each patient’s individualized needs. At Diabetes Care Group, our treatment plans include a five-pronged approach that covers (1) diet and nutrition, (2) exercise, (3) medication, (4) blood glucose monitoring, and (5) education and personalized counseling.

Diet and Nutrition

When you have diabetes, you truly “are what you eat.” Blood glucose levels go up and down in direct proportion to what, when, and how much you eat. Knowing the right choices for you as an individual is key to managing your disease.


The health benefits of exercising and being active for those with diabetes have long been substantiated. But since people with pre-diabetes and diabetes may have a heart or other diabetes-related problem, we provide personalized advice on the type, duration, and intensity of an exercise program that would be best for you.


There are several different types of medications that are used to help control diabetes and its complications. We will work with you to determine if medications are necessary and, if they are, we will identify the right medication to address your specific needs.

Blood Glucose Monitoring

Frequently checking blood glucose levels provides the information we need to help continually evaluate your treatment plan. Frequent, small, adjustments to respond to blood glucose levels are an effective tool for diabetes management.

Education and Personalized Counseling

We know that the day-to-day management of diabetes is done by the person with diabetes. At Diabetes Care Group, we provide diabetes education classes and personalized counseling so that our patients are better equipped to manage their disease effectively.